Friday, September 12, 2014

It's Never Too Early

Myself in front of my home in Scotland.
It's never too early in life for a lot of things. It's never too early to be the person you've always wanted to be, achieve the dreams you've always dreamed and it's never too early to look into studying abroad with University of Wisconsin-Platteville's Education Abroad Office! This semester the Education Abroad Office welcomes three new interns; Brittany, Darnell and myself Morgan. I am the Professional Writing Intern and I studied abroad in Scotland Spring of 2014. I am so excited to be working in the Education Abroad Office this semester and to be maintaining this blog!

Brittany traveled to Newcastle, Australia.

Darnell (on far right) traveled to London.
Always dreamed of seeing the world, living in a culture different from your own and having a life  changing experience? Then you, YES YOU, are the perfect study abroad candidate. With the new school year off and running, come visit the Education Abroad Office and find out all about all the programs abroad we have to offer. Through UW-Platteville we offer a total of six programs to study abroad, but with the help of our exchange partners and affiliates there are over 400 program options to choose from in over 50 different countries around the world. You always hear from people who have studied abroad that it changed their lives, but the experience is really impossible to sum up into words. Studying abroad gives a person so many wonderful things. It helps you see the world, make a group of friends you will forever remember seeing the world with, experience new cultures, eat new foods, helps you find yourself in more ways than one and it gives you a greater appreciation for not only the world, but where you come from. Then there's the one thing you'll never quite be able to put your tongue on or explain the way it made you feel and you have then officially become a part of the group of people who have studied abroad. We are the only ones who "get" that feeling and understand it.

Your college years are the best time to go abroad. You are young now, the world is at your fingertips, you don't have as many commitments and yes I know studying abroad costs money, but in reality you'll come back feeling richer than you've ever been. A slim 10% of students study abroad at Platteville ever year. While that number is growing, it is still not a huge percent of campus. What a lot of students don't think about, is what a huge resume builder studying abroad is. Employers are looking for something that makes you stand out from the crowd, something that sets you apart. Being and international traveler at a university where only 10% of students study abroad, is one of those "somethings".

Once you study abroad, you tend to catch the travel bug and become addicted. You will always be looking up ways to go on your next trip and finding countries you really want to visit. In reality though, what better addiction could you have? Life was not meant to be lived in one spot. We were all lucky enough to be put on such a beautiful place as earth and we were meant to see more of it than the same little town we've lived in our whole lives. So even though I know it may be scary (normally the best things in life worth doing are) come down to the Education Abroad Office in Royce Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Platteville and let us help you start your journey. Like I said, it's never too early.       

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