Monday, April 27, 2015

The Opportunities Are Endless

I know, I know I talk about how much Education Abroad gave me all of the time. I really am just trying to solidify just how much it did give me! It gave me independence, confidence, friendships, the world and the ability to create myself. My time abroad was one of the best four months of my life, thus far. I will forever remember the country that changed my life for the better and the memories I made with the people there along the way. I also just want to highlight how much Education Abroad can give you once you are back on campus.
I never new just how much Education Abroad would change my life. After my four months abroad it opened my eyes and gave me a whole new perspective on life and the world. Education Abroad was a goal of mine for so long, I just couldn't imagine being done with it after getting off that plane in Minneapolis in May. Then the opportunity came about to work in the Education Abroad Office as an intern. Initially, I was interested and applied. I ended up getting an interview and then getting the job. I never realized just how connected I could stay to my study abroad experience once I was back on campus and that when I left Scotland my journey with Education Abroad didn't have to be over. You can apply to be an intern in the office, become an Education Abroad Ambassador, help with our various presentations and share your experience, become a Global Amigo and mentor an international student studying at UW-Platteville or you can become involved with the International Club. The opportunities are endless.
Education Abroad has continued to open doors for me and I think it will for the rest of my life. This is now my second semester working in the office and I can honestly say has it changed my life. I love my job and it has allowed me to continue my journey with Education Abroad. It has allowed me to write, advise students going abroad and help them follow their dreams and it has given me great friendships. I have learned valuable skills that will benefit me in the workplace one day and have truly put myself into a job and given it my all. I have met so many more amazing people working through the office, my bosses, my co-workers, the ambassadors and countless students who all have the same dreams and passions as I do to travel the world. It's truly uplifting to work in a field like Education Abroad. They say if your passionate about something you should dedicate your life to it, so that is what I intend to do. I have met some great friends and I even went on a cruise with three of them over Spring break to the Bahamas and had the most amazing time. Learning about new cultures and exploring a new country is always an adventure, but when you have great friends by your side through that journey it makes it so amazing it's hard to put into words.

Words will never be able to fully express everything Education Abroad has given me, the way it has altered my life forever and the amazing people it has placed in my life. It allowed me to find my place on campus, where I belong. Education Abroad sent me to a different country, but it also made Platteville, Wisconsin feel like home more than it ever had before. I always knew Education Abroad would change my life, but I never the opportunities it would continue to give to me, even after it was over. So go abroad because it is the gift that will keep on giving the rest of your life.



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