Sunday, April 27, 2014

Intern Positions Open in the Education Abroad Office for Fall 2014!

Congratulations, you are a traveler now. You've taken on the challenge. You've gone abroad, made friends from all over the world, and had your perspectives turned upside down a few times. You've eaten new things, climbed to the top of some other things, walked until you thought your feet would fall off, and had some crazy good times.

But now you've come home to Platteville, Wisconsin. You are still full of all of the experiences you just had, but here life is continuing as it did before you left. You can push aside what you've just learned in order to dive right back your old routine, or you can use your new knowledge to enhance the rest of your time at Platteville. There are many ways to do this: by giving classroom presentations, incorporating your more global perspectives into coursework and projects, or by joining groups that have an international focus.

Now is the time to reflect on the road that led you to study abroad, and the personal worth of your experiences. Were there considerations that almost held you back from going? How do you feel about those now? If you could go back and do it all again, would you? What made your travels abroad worthwhile to you?

If you feel passionately about what you learned and experienced abroad, consider one more way you can incorporate those valuable experiences: become an Education Abroad Intern.There are hundreds of students just like you here at UW-Platteville, students who are interested in going abroad and prepared to do it no matter what, some who want to but have some reservations about graduating on time or being away from home, and many more who haven't even considered it. They want to hear from other students, like you, about what it's like: the benefits and challenges, the lessons and languages you learned, the adventures you had and the friends you made. Plus, it looks good on your resume!

Marketing and Outreach Intern involves coordinating on campus marketing efforts, creating campus wide flyers and posters, and developing marketing initiatives such as this semester's residence hall nights and much more!

Professional Writing Intern involves developing and writing content for monthly newsletters, coordinating, managing and writing blog content, as well as assisting with marketing and other initiatives.

Both positions involve the opportunity to improve public speaking through weekly classroom presentations, sharing experiences with students in student advising sessions, working with other students who are passionate about international education and global issues, as well as gaining practical experience in the field of International Education. Interns in the Education Abroad office also have ample opportunity to be creative in developing projects and events. This is a fantastic opportunity to get the "insider's perspective" on study abroad, and learn about the multitude of programs and opportunities abroad as well.

Playing Barnga at a Res Hall Night:
 An intern initiative developed by AJ, Marketing and Outreach Intern Spring 2014

 Intern Holly shares experiences with students at a table in the PSC
UW-P German Club, winners of the Pioneer Planet Video Contest, enjoy DQ cake as their prize

Your international experience does not have to end when you step off the plane back in the United States. Continue growing and learning, and assist other students to do the same!

For more information on the positions available, contact Intern Nichole at Application materials will be due on Thursday, May 1st.

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