Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Turkey Day!

Well, Pioneers! It's that time of year to go home to your families, stuff yourself with potatoes, and be grateful. Although we considered elaborating on the history of Thanksgiving and it's origins internationally, we decided as a team that it'd be far more entertaining to send you these splendid gifts. 

Gift #1

Gift #2 Turkey!

Happy Turkey Day everyone! Oh, and have a spectacular Thanksgiving as well. 

Also, here are a few candids from our Thanksgiving dinner experiences abroad, either to help you appreciate your own family festivities or help inspire you to spend your next Holiday abroad.

Holly in Holland (& London?!)

Last fall when I was studying in the Netherlands, myself and my fellow American gals decided that despite being thousands of miles from home, we still had so much to be thankful for and therefore had to celebrate Thanksgiving. Since we didn't think the Netherlands had any Thanksgiving dinner opportunities for us, we made a small family dinner for some of our international friends with all the essentials such as green beans, potatoes, apple pie, and cranberry sauce. Unfortunately though, we could not find an actual turkey to cook for our meal. A bit put out, we then decided that perhaps our British cousins would be more accommodating of our American traditions and hopped a plane to London for the weekend. Although the British attempt at a Thanksgiving dinner compliments of our hostel wasn't nearly as wonderful as home (or as our Dronten meal), it was still nice excuse to travel about London.  
Thanksgiving in London! 

"Family Dinner" in Dronten, the Netherlands

Nate in Thailand (Only Thailand!)

We, being my two friends from Colorado, and my friend from Georgia traveled to the northern part of the country that weekend to enjoy a Loi Krathong and Yi Peng, which are lantern festivals and things of beauty. We spent the day driving around the city and outskirts of Chiang Mai on mopeds.
Chiang Mai Thanksgiving Parade

We decided that we weren't really going to come close to getting a real Thanksgiving dinner in Thailand (unless we went to a special hotel or restaurant and shelled out a ton of money), so we decided to do something completely different. Burritos in Thailand! Not bad. Also, our waitress was from Burma. So that's five countries represented in one meal. I N T E R N A T I O N A L.
After Thanksgiving Dinner!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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