Friday, October 25, 2013

Finally Friday!

Alright, since Hannah outblogged me and posted on “things to do to satisfy the crave” first, and Nate one upped me with his assortment of fabulous fruit pictures, I have decided to entertain you guys with a Friday fluff piece.

That’s right; I dedicate this post to all the Education Abroad memes out there! Also, let’s do a bit of analyzing to check out how accurate they are compared to reality. Some apply to students who have yet to take the plunge, but most of them are for those of us who are in search of our next opportunity to fly across the big pond. 

Alright for our starter meme, let’s just take a moment to enjoy the smolder that is Ryan Gosling.
Yes this can apply to your personal relationships, but overall let’s just examine how hot education abroad looks in regards to your future. Employers love, love, love to see that students have a grasp on global issues and possess basic intercultural communication skills. How better to achieve that than a semester immersed in another culture?


Mmkay, we all realize what Wonka is getting at? Sometimes Ed. Abroad returnees can be a bit obnoxious, but why not be proud of yourself for picking up a new language? I don’t even half to help you draw the connection on how language skills can benefit your future, but let’s just sit a bit and enjoy how awesome you are for learning a new language. Not that you have to learn a new language while abroad (since most courses are taught in English), but why not at least try how to say your please’s and thank you’s to wow the natives and earn brownie points with that cute Italian girl who sits in front of you during Roman Art class?

I absolutely cannot stand the myth that Education Abroad is not affordable. Wrong. So wrong. Yes, in general, students spend between $2000-$5000 more studying abroad than they would at their own university, but that’s simply because either (A) they weren’t very resourceful before leaving the country or (B) they truly dedicated their trip to exploring all the possibilities. Hopefully, it’s option B. Education Abroad can be expensive, but if you apply for scholarships, grants and plan accordingly it can be equal in price or even cheaper. Besides, Education Abroad is worth every penny, so if you spend a bit more, trust me when I say it’ll be worth it.

The above meme draws back to the “all Education Abroad returnees are obnoxious myth.” False. For one, not all of us want to discuss our travels in depth upon our return. Now, if we do, that’s probably because that was our life for the last 12 months. Are you telling me I can’t talk about my awesome London Thanksgiving, but you get to rant about how your Grandma forgot to make the cranberry sauce you love during said holiday? The point is, yes, we’re going to talk about, and yes, it may get obnoxious, but if that’s the case, just let us know. Or better yet, be an awesome friend and ask for all the juicy details we’re dying to tell.

Although I too am guilty of this meme, I must say that a healthy mix of the two is a great way to develop your viewpoint on other cultures and help you better evaluate your own country. Yes, it’s okay to relax with your American friends, but don’t forget that you can chat with them upon your return home as well. This also applies to WhatsApp chats with mom for 2 hours daily or devoting your nights to skyping your significant other. Go out, explore, and connect internationally.

TRUE! Everyone loves a great deal, and there are plenty to be had, just make sure that you plan accordingly. If you are going to take RyanAir to Paris for the weekend, print your tickets to avoid the printing fees or make sure that you have a hostel booked for when you arrive. On a similar note, don’t forget to keep the “Education” before “Abroad.” It’s nice to travel, but it’s nicer to travel and come back with all the credits you’re supposed to.

Completely accurate. Yes, you could save some dough and stay at home, but think of everything you could be doing while studying abroad? How about learning about renewable energy in Germany and touring the Rathaus while sampling a few German beverages? What about meandering the streets of Amsterdam after a week of classes on Dutch language at the Windescheim University? Perhaps you’d be relaxing on a beach in Fiji or diving into some of their freshwater springs? Truthfully, in our global economy, can you really afford not to study abroad? There are so many opportunities through Education Abroad, all you have to determine is which destination and program appeals to you.
Because honestly, if you don’t go, this is all we have to say.

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Besides, even Grumpy Cat is doing it!

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