Thursday, October 31, 2013

Let's see those handy dandy film making skills!

Hey Pioneers!
Holly, Nate and I have just finished our introductory video for the Pioneer Video Contest! We are not the most video savvy, so it was a challenging experience! But that means that we’ve learned a lot, and we want to share some tips with you!

  •  Personalize your video! Is your group the German club? The Ski club? Use that as your theme!  Do you enjoy singing, art, or food? Incorporate it!  

  • Answering the questions: Be as silly, serious or creative as you want!

a.       What does “international” mean to you? Think about this question in terms of you, and the people in your life. Have you or has a friend/relative traveled internationally? Did you or your parents move here from another country? Does anybody you know travel internationally for their job? Are you studying something that has international implications? Or maybe you watch a T.V. show, or read books that are set in other countries. Where does your food come from, or your clothes? We often say that the world is a big place, and that’s true. But it’s also a very small place, and there are many ways in which we are all interconnected. Tell us how the concept of international affects you personally!
b.      Imagine if you were able to design a country to study abroad in. What kind of food would one eat there? Are there mountains there, plains or deserts?  What sort of music would be popular? Tell us all about it! This is your chance to really be serious or silly. Of course, the point of study abroad is to learn about different cultures as they exist, even though and especially because they don’t fit nicely into our comfortable perception of the world. However, just for fun, we’d like you to tell us all about your fictional country!
c.       What does the fox say? We admit that this one is included only because we find the video funny. Just be silly. :) 

  •    Bonus points: we have several options for bonus points so be sure to include as many as possible! These include:

a.       A student who has traveled abroad (study abroad, international student, etc.)
b.      Pioneer Pete in life size or miniaturized version
c.       The phrase “Now that’s what I call a sticky situation” 
d.      A professor or staff member
e.      Use of a  language other than English

  • How to go about coming up with an idea for a video? Here are some options to get you thinking!

     a.       Have a brainstorming session! Throw in any and all ideas in the hat without judgment and then go back and eliminate from there!
     b.      Skits such as re-creating your fictional country or demonstrating the characteristics of your country.
     c.       If you have studied abroad, think about some particular scenarios you may have come across that are applicable, and then re-enact them!

  • Miscellaneous tips:

a.       IMovie: we had the best luck creating our video with this. It was easy to use and there are online tutorials that are very helpful! You can find this on the Macs on campus, for example in the Bear’s Den. 

b.      Unless you have some high tech video making skills, you may want to make sure there is as little background noise  as possible! This was a problem for us on some of our takes! 

c.       Have fun with it!

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