Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet Jenni!

Education Q&A Round Two: Jenni Krahn
Q: If you studied or traveled abroad, where was it, and when?
A: Undergrad exchange program to Dronten University of Applied Sciences, Dronten, Netherlands, 2007-2008 Academic Year; Undergrad exchange program to Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, Galway, Ireland, Fall 2009 Semester; Graduate Short-Term Faculty-Led Program, Turkey, February 20012; I have visited 18 countries in total to date.

Q: Describe the most delicious food you have ever eaten while traveling?
Jenni in Rome
A: At a restaurant called Hostaria in Rome.  If you order the chefs choice, they will bring you multiple courses of small portions of different pasta dishes until you've had your fill.  The chef makes it up as he goes, and it's all delicious!

Q: Have you ever had an unexpected travel experience that turned out to be the highlight of your trip? What was it?
A: I was traveling in Scotland with my cousin this summer and had planned on doing a three day tour which fell through at the last minute.  We had to scramble to make our own travel plans and itinerary, but ended up meeting some amazing people and seeing some wonderful places that we would have otherwise missed on the tour.  Everything happens for a reason when you travel, never get discouraged!

Home-stay in Turkey
Q:Describe the most meaningful international/travel experience you've had. 
A: As part of my short-term faculty-led program to Turkey, we were required to do two home-stays.  My first home-stay was with a very modern family (just a mother and daughter) in Istanbul who spoke fluent English.  My second home-stay was with a very traditional Turkish family (three generations under one roof) in a small village who didn't speak any English.  The differences in the experiences gave me such meaningful insight into the cultural differences within Turkey, and the experience of staying with a family for three days when I didn't speak any Turkish was incredibly challenging and rewarding. 

Q: What would you most like to say to students that are considering studying abroad?
A: Ask anyone who has studied abroad, and they will probably tell you it was the highlight of their college experience.  Ask anyone who didn't study abroad, and they will probably tell you it is their biggest regret from college.

Q:  If a penguin walked through the door right now wearing a sombrero, tell me: 1)What he would say? and 2) Why he is here?
A: Señor Penguin would probably be returning from an education abroad experience in Mexico during which he totally went native, and he's having a hard time in re-entry and giving up his sombrero wearing days. 
Office 101B

Find Jenni in her office in Royce Hall 101B or contact her to set up an advising appointment at! 

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